The purpose of First Presbyterian Church’s Ministry of Deacons is to reflect and personify God's love to our members and guests.  This ministry is traditionally funded by the Christmas Eve offering.  Deacons serve three-year terms in three staggered classes.  Deacons visit elderly and home-bound folk, correspond with our youth, visit hospitalized members, host funeral receptions, send grief-support booklets to the bereaved, organize greeters for Sunday mornings, prepare the elements and the table for the Sacrament of Communion, reach out to families to recognize and celebrate births and baptisms.  Deacon ministry also funds taxi transportation vouchers to attend worship services and other church events, and parking passes at Mayo Clinic for patients and their families. These are just a few of the many ways First Presbyterian Church's Deacons show God’s love in person to the members and guests of our faith community.

T.J. and Jay and their solid leadership as shepherds of our congregation and as our teaching elders.