September 8th kickoff of program year

The fall forum will be on Tuesday evening, October 29 from 7-9 pm in the sanctuary and will feature Darrel Hildebrant, Advanced Crime Prevention SPecialist in the Investigations Division of the Rochester Police Department. Mr. Hildebrant will discuss ways to prevent you and members of your family from being victimized by criminals online, by phone and through social media.

Specifically, Mr. Hildebrant will touch upon aspects of online safety, whether you are on your computer at home or looking at your email on your cell phone. He will also highlight the pitfalls of smartphone use and how we make it easier for criminals to access our information. He will talk about our use of social media and how to proactively keep our information private and ourselves and our homes safe. Finally, he will discuss cyber bullying which does not just happen to children and teens. Adults are cyber-bullied often in the form of online stalking and romance scams. Where appropriate, Darrel will mention some aspects of youth internet and phone safety, but this will not be the main thrust of his talk.

Please join us and learn how to protect yourself so that you are never a victim of identity theft, scams and other all too frequent crimes of the internet age. We promise that you will leave with some new knowledge and tips to keep you and your information safe.