2018 Sharing Tree brings Christmas spirit to many

We are again offering you an opportunity to help children, families and those who are homeless in our community during the Christmas season. From November 11 through December 2nd, a Christmas tree in the atrium will be decorated with colored gift tags, each representing a charitable organization in Rochester. This year we are adding a new charity, Brighter Tomorrows, to our list

  1. Brighter Tomorrows

  2. Medcity Foundation

  3. Alternative Learning Center Daycare

  4. .Family Promise

We are setting up the tree earlier this year, starting with Brighter Tomorrows gift tags, since those gifts need to be delivered by the end o November. Our church youth group will be wrapping and delivering these gifts. Deadline for returning the other gifts is December 9.

Select a gift tag off the tree and purchase the item or items on the tag. As far as wrapping the gift, follow the instructions on the tag. It is important that you attach the tag to the gift when you return it to the church office so we know to which organization the gift should be delivered.

Instead of purchasing a gift there is also the option of purchasing a gift card from one of our local stores. Put the card in and envelope and drop it off in the church office.

Thank you for your generosity.