Mission Team returns to Spirit Lake Indian Reservation

In June the First Presbyterian Bdecan Vacation Bible School team will return to North Dakota to provide VBS for the fifth time..

Last year our congregation was very generous in providing funds for winter clothing for the children of the Bdecan church. It is wonderful that you did so because it was bitterly cold in northern North Dakota this winter, even colder than it was here! The warm winter clothing was much appreciated. Members also gathered and sent a wondeful amount of school supplies for children

This year, Presbyterian Women members sewed fleece book bags for the kids to use during VBS (and hopefully in the fall when school starts) and collected much needed hygiene items for the children from the reservation heading off to another year of residential school Thank you!

In May we will be gathering school supplies and again asking for assistance with funding to purchase winter clothing for the Bdecan children as needed. Purchasing the clothing is supervised by Joe Obermeyer, the youth pastor, who has now become a Commissioned Lay Pastor after completing a two-year program.

A big THANK YOU to the members of First Presbyterian who have so generously supported this mission program.