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Our church has a robust mission focus


The Mission Committee oversees our concern for the cause of Christ worldwide. Through the approval of financial support and direct hands on witness and service activities, this committee is responsible for all our mission work outside the immediate area of Rochester, Minnesota.

In Action
We contribute money through our regular budget, special offerings, and targeted gifts. Through our mission budget we support our denomination’s Unified Mission. Members have donated time giving medical attention to the people in Mombin Crochu, Haiti. Volunteers in Mission from our congregation have also served in Venezuela, Hungary, Malawi, Texas, India, and at Sheldon Jackson College. We are involved with the Medical Benevolence Foundation.  For information on them, look at

2015 Mission Trip to the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation

The Bible School team worked with a team from Ebenezer Presbyterian Church in Renville, Minnesota to provide Bible School to 40 children from the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation .  They ranged in ages from kindergarten through fifth grade.  The Bible Stories taught were about Joseph  and the resurrection of Jesus.  The children enjoyed learning the special music and motions.  Games were played each day to encourage children to safely share something about themselves while gaining self-esteem.  The crafts were a super success as well.  The children really enjoyed working on the crafts and simple board games.  The children received a healthy breakfast snack and fruit juice when they arrived each day and later enjoyed a hot noon meal.  The members of our team bonded with the children and were able to share God’s love for them.  It was a joy to worship with the members of the Bdecan Church before returning home.

Dwight and Jon worked on enhancing the appearance of the church property by mowing the cemetery, improving the landscaping and painting the picnic tables at the church as well as installing a safety rail at the manse.

We wish to thank the people of First Presbyterian Church for the love and support they have shown for the children of the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation and the Bdecan Presbyterian Church by allowing our teams to travel to North Dakota to provide Bible School to these children and share God’s love with them.bdecanIMG_0755