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Church Committees

The mission of the First Presbyterian Church of Rochester is to help people on their spiritual journey as they face the difficult and demanding questions of life. Our foundation of growth in the Spirit is worship, fellowship, interaction with the world, and reliance on God in daily life.

To support this mission, the following committees are activity with the responsibilities outlined below.


Personnel and Administration

Committee responsibilities are to maintain and implement corporate structures, sustain effective operation of administrative procedures and provide governance of the congregation. Also, to review terms of employment, examine employment issues and provide support of the church staff in cooperation with the Pastor as Head of Staff.

Stewardship and Finance

Committee responsibilities:

  • Provide recommendation of annual operating budget to Session
  • Monitor income and expenses throughout the year
  • Ensure appropriate insurance is maintained on First Presbyterian Church property
  • Plan and implement annual stewardship campaign
  • Staff weekly counters for plate collection

Building and Grounds

Committee responsibilities are to provide the physical environment enabling our church to pursue its mission and goals.

Christian Education

The mission of the Christian Education Committee is to promote a lifelong relationship with Jesus Christ through educational programs and events designed to help people of all ages:

  • Connect with God, family, and community
  • Embody Jesus’ love and compassion for humanity and creation
  • Claim their identity as God’s beloved children
The committee coordinates:
  • Staffing, resources and curriculum oversight for our children and teenagers
  • Activity bags for children attending worship services
  • Classes for adults
  • Three-year Confirmation Programs
  • Nursery and childcare during worship and church-wide activities
  • Special programs for children and youth


Committee responsibilities:

  • Planning mission activities and stimulating interest and involvement of First Presbyterian Church members in national and international mission endeavors
  • Recommending Mission budget goals and disbursing funds in support of mission activities
  • Promoting special offerings of the PC (USA) and informing the congregation of mission activities through the newsletter, bulletin board, and Minutes for Mission.

Social Concerns

The Social Concerns Committee is responsible for the local outreach aspect of the mission effort. The committee seeks to respond to our Christian responsibility to help provide food, shelter, employment and family/social assistance to neighbors in need.

Welcoming and Nurturing

Committee responsibilities:

  • Manage public notices of church services and activities
  • Welcome visitors
  • Monitor member rolls of the church
  • Sponsor a variety of church fellowship activities
  • Provide indirect supervision of individual fellowship activities

Worship and Music

First Presbyterian Church of Rochester is committed to reflect God’s love for all people by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of our many missions is to strengthen faith and commitment by promoting vital Christian education, music, and fellowship programs for all ages. Worship and Music Committee is charged with many of the visible elements required to fulfill that commitment.

Committee responsibilities:

  • Oversees all aspects of worship and music in the church
  • Recommend times for regular and special worship services
  • Prepares the annual schedule for communion services and works with Deacons in planning for communion preparation
  • Oversees the ushers, lay liturgists and acolytes
  • Approves non-member funerals, weddings, or baptisms using church facilities
  • Supervises the use and maintenance of the musical instruments and musical equipment
  • Oversees the music programs and musical groups in the church
  • Maintains the music library and choir robes
  • Acts as a¬†liaison¬†between the Session and the subcommittees of Festival of Music, Chancel Guild and First Players