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Soul Shop is coming to FPC

Soul Shop is coming to FPC


Now we have an opportunity to save the lives of people in our congregation and others who are in the midst of suicidal desperation.  The opportunity is a training event/workshop called Soul Shop. The workshop equips participants to minister to people impacted by suicidal desperation including:

  1. Adults and youth who are considering suicide.
  2. Family members and friends who are anxious about a person considering suicide.
  3. Persons who have lost a loved one to suicide.
  4. Second Day people – those who have been suicidal in the past but have found a way out of suicidal thinking.

The Soul Shop workshop demonstrates simple conversational tools and other helpful information that can save a life.  You can ease the suffering of someone dealing with the hopelessness and isolation of suicidal desperation.

Mark your calendars for this exceptional opportunity on April 28th.  Contact Rev. Rowland for more information or go to